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Quick Check Educational Kit

Quick Check Educational Kit for Technical Students for their Measurement and Inspection Skill Development and make them industry ready from the very first day of their working. This wonderful learning not only enhances their career perspectives rather it prepares them to face current as well as future challenges of Industrial World

We the team Ruby Metrology introduce you our versatile product, "Quick Check Educational Kit". The world's first, innovative, patented, multi-function, multi-purpose, educational kit. It is specially designed for technical students to make them multi-skill, confident, knowledgeable and "Industry Ready" from the very first day of their working. It fills talent gap and prepare students to face current as well as future requirements of industries. It aligns them with international methodologies to produce world class, defect free quality products.

Quick Check Educational Kit is a wonderful training tool for students, they learn basic metrology with hands-on experience like fundamentals of inspection and measurement process, uses of various precision measuring instruments, calibration process, key measurement theory's and styles, they conduct various studies like bias, linearity, stability, Gauge R&R and analyze their output with its powerful software MSA Expert. So we can say Quick Check Educational Kit is not just a product; basically it's a concept or a complete package and can converts simple students into a valuable workforce to take manufacturing into next level.

In today's environment measurement and inspection skills plays a vital role and are the indivisible part of any manufacturing industry, so it is very essential to train our students in the same field because mostly of them are directly involved with the frontline manufacturing and inspection process, this learning will make them knowledgeable and help them to get respected job profile and money in India and abroad. Quick Check Kit can be very beneficial for trades like Mechanical, Automobile, Turner, Fitter, Machinist, Grinder-man, Air Conditioning, Mechanic Motor Vehicle, CNC Operator, Tool & Die, Injection Moulding, Manufacturing, Quality Engineering etc.


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