Ruby Metrology


Ruby Metrology conducts various training programmes for manager Engineers, Supervisors and Workers, like Basic Knowledge of  dimension Metrology, practical traning for Calibration, MSA, Seven QC Tools, SPC, SQC etc. Further we believe in, in plant training for the mentioned topics due to the following reasons:

1. Training Program can be customised, focussed and cemented for the  concerned organization people and their associate issues.

2. It can accomodate various participants from different departments of the organization at same time.

3. It is very economical, flexible and can be scheduled as per the organization requirements.

4. Practical problems can be discussed as a case studies for better utilization of training faculty or training session.

5. Training faculty can also assess the plant capabilities for imparting their valuable suggestions to improve further.

6. Training faculty can also play a vital role like a bridge in between the participants and management for two way communication to implement best trade practices and to improve quality & productivity in efficient manner.

7. Apart from participants, in plant training programmes also improves knowledge of trainer by viewing good and bad practices everyday and to teach vice versa.

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